All-Pro Painting is highly recognized in the commercial painting industry.  We love to work with companies to help in there renovation and up keep of commercial buildings and multi-family homes.  Our painting experience includes apartment buildings, churches strip malls, multi-family use and commercial up-fits.  We have the organization and professionalism to make your commercial painting be a smooth experience. Contact Us today!

Commercial Services


Interior Painting

Painting the interior of your home or office takes a certain personal touch to make it a positive experience.  All-Pro understands this and we take pride in treating your home or office as if it was ours. 


We have the experience and know how to turn your exterior painting project into a reality.  Our exterior painting will transform the exterior of your home or office.  We take the time to clean and prepare the surface of your home or office to ensure the best paint adhesion.


Carpentry Repair

Many homes that we paint need some type of siding or trim replacement.  We use high quality, no rot material such as cement siding/trim, pressure treated, PVC and Miratek products so these areas never rot again.


The exterior of your home is the first - and often last - impression your visitors have, which means that proper maintenance and cleaning are a necessity to keep it in tip-top shape.

Painting Process

1.       Set Up:

First we clear all surfaces via power wash or by hand to remove mildew, dust or any other debris. We protect all furniture and flooring too.

2.       Preparing To Paint:
Our experts know how important preparation is for a beautiful and lasting paint job. For exterior painting projects, we scrape off loose paint and scuff/sand the glossy areas and caulk any cracks or openings. For interior projects, our experts fill in the cracks and holes in the walls and/or ceiling, followed by sealing, strain removal and scuffing/sanding the surfaces.

3.       Painting:
After the surfaces have been primed, our experts apply even coats of premium quality paint for a stunning finish.

4.       Clean Up:
With care and respect, our experts leave your space just as we found it and perform a thorough job of cleaning the area at the end of each working day.

5.       Inspection:
Our experts will invite you on a detailed walkthrough of our work after the project has been completed.